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Carin Pelz Hebenstreit was born in Fulda, Germany and immigrated to the United States with her family. Even as a young child in Munich, she exhibited artistic talent. Her fascination with animals and nature compelled her to draw. It wasn't long before she graduated to painting in oil. She and her husband moved to Madrid, Spain to further her career in the arts. At the Prado, she studied Velasquez, Goya, Rubens, and Tiepolo. This experience had a significant effect on Ms. Hebenstreit that is still evident in her work today.

Ms. Hebenstreit has been painting portraits for over twenty years. Her portraits, landscapes and still life paintings are included in private collections across the country. Her work has been exhibited in fine art galleries including Closson's and The Cincinnati Art Galleries. Her work is featured in many public spaces such as Cincinnati Music Hall, The University of Cincinnati Law College, The Bahmann Foundation, and The American Golf Association. She has had the honor of being included in special invitational shows at the University Club, the Queen City Club and receiving awards at the Cincinnati Art Club's national View Point Show.